Little Giant Megamax M17 Aluminum Ladder

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If you’re like me then you probably have a lot of home projects that you just haven’t been able to get around to doing. You have the tools but do you have an adequate ladder that can get you high enough to work on the roof yet small enough to work indoors? That’s where the Little Giant Megamax Ladder from Costco comes in. It is very versatile; can work as a 4-foot step ladder or grow to be a 15-foot extension ladder. Another cool feature is that both sides of the ladder are telescopic so you can work along a staircase, normally pretty dangerous for other types of ladders. If you want to work alongside a wall, most ladders would be positioned where you are still too far from the wall, having to reach over to the wall just to get some work done. You can lean a ladder against the wall but the ladder can slip at the bottom. With the Little Giant Megamax Ladder, it can act as a 90-degree step ladder so you can feel safe that it has proper support while you are on it. The Little Giant Megamax Ladder also comes with a wheel kit so you can easily wheel it to your work area. Every garage should have several ladders of varying heights. But why buy several if you can buy one Little Giant Megamax Ladder that can do multiple jobs.

Gain access and get to hard to reach places with the Little Giant Megamax Ladder
Gain access and get to hard to reach places with the Little Giant Megamax Ladder

Here are the specs:

Little Giant Megamax M17 Ladder Product Info

Costco Item#: 787841
Costco Price: $179.99
Found at: Costco in Foster City, CA (1001 Metro Center Blvd)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Little Giant Megamax M17 Aluminum Ladder for home projects
Every home needs the Little Giant Megamax M17 Aluminium Ladder.

Little Giant Megamax M17 Aluminum Ladder with workstation
Little Giant Megamax Ladder with Airdeck Work Station.

Deal for the Little Giant Megamax M17 Aluminum Ladder at Costco
Little Giant Megamax Ladder – works as a step ladder, extension ladder and scaffolding system.

Little Giant Megamax Ladder – The MegaMax combines the strength, safety, and versatility of the classic Little Giant Ladder with several new groundbreaking features, including accessory portals and the AirDeck tool tray and safety handrail. The safety handrail gives you an added sense of security on the ladder; it can even prevent that shaky, uncertain feeling of vertigo you get when working at the top of a stepladder. Each side of the MegaMax telescopes independently, giving you the option of several sizes of stepladders, from 4 to 7 feet. You can also adjust one side to work on staircases and uneven surfaces, or as a 90-degree stepladder. The Triple-Locking Hinge allows you to use the ladder as a stable, wide-based, multi-height extension ladder. Finally, the inner and outer ladder assemblies separate to form two trestles for a time-saving scaffolding system. Just add a sturdy plank or an optional aluminum telescoping plank. The Little Giant MegaMax is the next generation of multi-use ladder systems.

    Key Features:
  • 24 ladders in one
  • Air deck with hand rail and wheel kit included
  • 15-foot reach
  • ANSI and OSHA compliant
  • Min Step ladder height: 4 ft.
  • Max Step ladder height: 7 ft.


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