Samsung LT24E310ND 24" HDTV Monitor Combo

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When it comes to tv's, you immediately think about the big screen tv's you would put in your living room. Although the Samsung LT24E310ND 24-inch LED LCD TV Monitor doesn't fit that description, it is just as practical for your home as its big brothers. It makes for a great tv for an office, bedroom, or for your kid's room. I've always loved having a tv in my room not to watch tv per se, but just to have something on in the background. Not only that, but even though it's a rather small tv for today's standards, it can be used as a large monitor as well. It's not uncommon to have two 24" monitors as your workstation to give you additional desktop space on your computer or if you're a gamer where you'd be playing a first-person shooter on one screen and chatting with friends on the other. With this tv, you can be playing Call of Duty and/or watching a Netflix movie at the same time. It's quite cool to have a tv/monitor combo and it doesn't cost all that much more than a regular 24 inch monitor either. Do yourself a favor and check out the Samsung LT24E310ND 24-inch LED LCD TV Monitor if you're in the market for a large monitor or small tv.

Work on the computer or watch tv on the Samsung LT24E310
Work on the computer or watch tv on the Samsung LT24E310

Here are the specs:

Samsung LT24E310ND 24" LED LCD TV Monitor Product Info

Costco Item#: 992401
Costco Price: $139.99 - $20 (mfr's instant rebate expires 09/10/16) = $119.99
Found at: Costco in Foster City, CA (1001 Metro Center Blvd.)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Costco 992401 - LT24E310ND - great as a monitor or a small tv
LT24E310ND - great as a monitor or a small tv

Deal for the Samsung LT24E310 24 inch HDTV monitor combo at Costco
Deal for the Samsung LT24E310 24" HDTV monitor combo at Costco

2 in 1: LED TV Monitor Combo
The Samsung TE310 Series LED TV monitor combo has all of the key features you would expect from a LED TV and a monitor. With the built- in DTV tuner and ConnectShare™ USB, the TE310 allows you to enjoy your favorite TV programs as well as access movies, pictures, music and more.

Entertainment From Every Angle
Wide Viewing Panel provides 178 degree wide viewing angle horizontally and vertically, so that you can experience the optimal screen from any position.

Watch Movies From Your USB
This LED monitor includes a USB port on the back that allows you to easily connect a USB drive. With ConnectShare USB, you can view your favorite videos, photos, and other content from the drive directly on your LED monitor.

Watch Sports in the Best Way There Is
The Sports Mode feature easily optimizes the picture and sound quality making watching sports so immersive it's like being in the stadium.

Now there's no need to buy a separate VESA wall installation kit thanks to the TE310's cleverly designed mounting system. Its base stand connects to a removable bracket that can also be attached for use as a wall mount. Better still, TE310 stand slopes outward, enhancing the sound projection of the rear speakers. The TE310's multi-functional stand/wall mount bracket makes it easier to enjoy your viewing experience where and how you want.

    Key Features:
  • HDTV monitor combo
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers: 5W x 2 speaker
  • Resolution: 1366 x 768
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 720p
  • 60Hz
  • Screen size: 23.6" diagonal
  • 3000:1 static contrast ratio
  • 2 HDMI output
  • 1 USB
  • Wall mountable stand
  • Plug in and watch your content with ConnectShare
  • Wide viewing angle
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty


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