Samsung UN75JU641D 75" UHD LED LCD TV

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If you like watching sports on TV like I do, then you would truly appreciate the Samsung UN75JU641D 75-inch 4K Ultra HD TV at Costco. I thought 1080p was more than enough for me until I watched video on a 4K TV. With 4 times the resolution of 1080p, the Samsung UN75JU641D’s crystal clear display makes you feel like you’re at the sporting event. Well, maybe it’s not THAT good but it’s the next best thing to really being there. And since it’s a Smart TV, you get to watch Internet content from your favorite providers like Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube. It even comes with a built-in web browser so you can surf the web with ease. With Christmas just around the corner, shouldn’t you treat yourself with a 4K present? Since we are just about midway through the football season and with basketball season well underway, you can still enjoy crisp sports images on the Samsung UN75JU641D 75-inch tv thanks to its 120 Motion Rate to cut down on that blur effect that happens with fast action video. And with the Samsung name, you won’t be disappointed with the quality and display.

Samsung UN75JU641D 75-inch 4K Ultra HD – The ultimate in 4k watching
Samsung UN75JU641D 75-inch 4K Ultra HD – The ultimate in 4k watching

Here are the specs:

Samsung UN75JU641D 75-inch Ultra LED LCD HD Product Info

Costco Item#: 9750641
Costco Price: $3699.99 - $700 (Mfr’s Instant Rebate expires 11/19/2015) = $2999.99
Found at: Costco in Sunnyvale, CA (150 Lawrence Station Rd.)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Deal for the Samsung UN75JU641D 75-inch hdtv at Costco
Deal for the Samsung UN75JU641D 75-inch hdtv at Costco

Samsung UN75JU641D 75-inch 4K Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV

    Key Features:
  • 4K UHD and 3840 x 2160
  • Motion Rate 120
  • UHD Upscaling increases all lower resolution media
  • UHD Dimming for deeper blacks, purer whites
  • Quad-core processor
  • Built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi browser
  • Screen Mirroring wirelessly mirrors a phone or other compatible mobile device's screen onto the TV's screen
  • PC input (via HDMI), 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, 1 component input, 1 composite input and 1 audio output


Anonymous said...

Costco in Lake Elsinore, CA has a 1300.00 rebate right now through 11/30/15....bringing the price down to $2,399.00.

ExecMemberMike said...

Oh wow, thanks for the price update @Anonymous! That's a way better deal for the Samsung UN75JU641D tv than the one I saw. This info will definitely help those in the Lake Elsinore, CA who are interested in purchasing this tv.

Anonymous said...

1300 off at costco

ExecMemberMike said...

Hi @Anonymous, yes there seems to be a new $1300 rebate on the Samsung UN75JU641D 75 inch tv. Thanks for letting us know!

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