US Divers Adult Snorkeling Set

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I have used an older version of the US Divers Adult Snorkeling Set before but this one from Costco seems to have all the bells and whistles that I wish my old set had. The mask has better visibility thanks to its panoramic lens. What I especially like are the pocket’s Easy Equalization and Soft Purge. When water gets into your mask, no more having to press the top of the mask inward while tilting your head back just to purge the water out…very convenient. The submersible snorkel is another cool feature; water doesn’t get into the breathing tube even if the snorkel falls below the water surface. So no more swallowing salt water. The fins comes with Pivot Flex Technology so it will be a lot easier to propel yourself through the water and this reduces strain to your feet. As an added bonus, you get a travel bag as well. So just in time for the summer and for that vacation to Hawaii you were planning, get the US Divers Snorkeling Set for some fun in the water. If you're looking for a kids version of the same snorkel set, Costco has a youth version as well. The set includes mask, fins, snorkel, and carrying bag.

US Divers Adult Snorkeling Set: fins, goggles, snorkel
US Divers Snorkeling Set on those days when you want to swim with the fishes.

Here are the specs:

US Divers Adult Snorkeling Set Product Info

Costco Item#: 907491
Costco Price: $39.99
Found at: Costco in Foster City, CA (1001 Metro Center Boulevard)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

US Divers Snorkeling Set – Professional Quality Mask And Submersible Snorkel.

US Divers Adult Snorkeling Set for when you vacation
US Divers Snorkeling Set – Travel Bag Included.

US Divers Snorkeling Set – Professional quality mask with hypoallergenic face skirt for ultimate comfort. Panoramic lens technology for expanded visibility. Pro-Glide buckle system for easy adjustments. Easy equalization nose pocket with patented Soft Purge for improved comfort and effortless purging and equalization. Submersible, dry top snorkel designed to keep water out of the breathing tube above and below the surface of the water. One-way purge valve and built-in whistle. Pivot-flex fins provide a smooth easy kick virtually eliminating foot strain while offering effortless movement through the water. Travel bag included.

    Key Features:
  • 2 Window Mask
  • Dry Top Snorkel
  • Pivot Flex Fins
  • Travel Bag
  • Panoramic Lens For Expanded Visibility
  • Soft Purge Mask
  • comes in size S/M or L/XL


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