Assorted Fruit Trees (3 gallon Assorted Varieties - plum and apple)

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If you have a backyard and/or you enjoy gardening, then you may want to decorate your backyard with some assorted varieties of fruit trees. At Costco, the assorted varieties of fruit trees include plum and apple trees. These fruit trees will make the outside decor and landscaping look a whole lot better, but you have to act fast because each Costco only gets one shipment of these fruit trees every year. Once they're all sold, that's it for the inventory until the following year since these are seasonal products. That and these trees are a lot less expensive that if you go to a garden nursery and buy something comparable which can cost way more. For $18.99 at Costco, you can't go wrong. I know every year my dad looks forward to these trees because he buys 1 or 2 every year. Ever since he retired, he's been doing a lot of gardening to spruce up and maintain the backyard during his spare time. In fact, I was with him when he got both the plum and apple trees from Costco this time last year. I took pictures of both of them today (see below). You'll see the plum tree is starting to bloom - we were lucky because there was one plum tree which was further along and already had a lot of branches which we ended up getting. The apple tree isn't blooming yet because I think apples are in season during the autumn months. It'll probably take a few years before the trees start bearing fruit, but there's definitely a sense of accomplishment when they grow and the first fruits start appearing after buying and planting them as small trees. Planting and maintaining them are pretty easy - you don't need a green thumb to enjoy them. You could also get citrus trees if you prefer limes, oranges, lemons, etc.

Assorted Varieties of fruit trees - plum and apple at Costco
Assorted Varieties of Fruit Trees (plum and apple) at Costco

Here are the specs:

Fruit Trees (3 gallon) Assorted Varieties Product Info

Costco Item#: 663684
Costco Price: $18.99
Found at: Costco in Hayward, CA (28505 Hesperian Blvd)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Costco plum tree planted in the backyard
Costco plum tree from last year (picture taken this morning).

Costco apple tree planted in the backyard
Costco apple tree from last year waiting to bloom (picture taken this morning).

Start your own backyard orchard with Assorted Varieties of fruit trees from Costco. Fruit trees include apple and plum trees.

    Key Features:
  • Assorted Varieties
  • Plum Trees
  • Apple Trees
  • 3.0 gal (12.32 Liters)


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