Equinox Kayaks 13.4F Angler Fishing Kayak

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If you enjoy going out fishing in the open water, then the Equinox 13.4F Angler Fishing Kayak might be what you want. The Equinox 13.4F allows you to go right to where the fish are biting in the middle of a lake or river. You're no longer limited to fishing along the shore or off a pier with this kayak since you can just go where the fish are. Since it's small, the kayak is easily maneuverable and you don't need to be an expert kayaker to make use of this. It's not as if you'll be going down some white water rapids with this thing. The Equinox 13.4F is built specifically for fishing, so it has some cool features for just that including 2 fishing rod holders making it easier for you to catch that trout or salmon. You're not just limited to fishing with this kayak. If you want, you can just launch it if feel like doing some easy kayaking along a gentle river. Whether you just want to be in the outdoors, get some exercise, going on a fishing trip, or just enjoy kayaking, this kayak is versatile enough for all those things. Kayaking has always been fun since you can be in the outdoors, and now that Spring is here, you can take advantage of the nicer weather to be outside. Equinox also makes a tandem kayak, so that you and a buddy can enjoy the open water together.

Go fishing in the open water with the Equinox 13.4F Angler Kayak
Equinox 13.4F was built specifically for fishing.

Here are the specs:

Equinox Kayaks 13.4F Angler Fishing Kayak Product Info

Costco Item#: 416555
Costco Price: $399.99 (in Canadian dollars; multiply by .78 to convert to US dollars)
Found at: Costco in Barrie, Ontario Canada (41 Mapleview Dr E)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Equinox 13.4F Angler Fishing Kayak: small and compact
The compact Equinox 13.4F Angler Fishing Kayak can be controlled easily.

Deal for Equinox 13.4F Angler Fishing Kayak at Costco
Deal for Equinox 13.4F Angler Fishing Kayak at Costco for you next fishing trip.

Equniox Kayaks: When performance meets quality. High-end features and performance.

    Key Features:
  • 12" x 20" (30.5 cm x 50.8 cm) Elliptical Bow Gear Hatch
  • 2 x 6" (15 cm) Round Storage Dry Hatches, Stern and Center
  • 2 Fishing Rod Holders
  • Paddle Included
  • 1 set of scupper plugs included
  • Dihedral hull for the ultimate in stabililty and tracking
  • Self-bailing desing
  • Adjustable seat back
  • Two flush mount rod holders
  • Graduated foot wells
  • Large stern well with bungees
  • Side Mounted Carry Handles
  • Bow and Stern Carry Handles
  • Paddle tie-downs
  • Integrated drain plugs
  • Molded-in cup holders


Codfthr said...

Even though this is the first kayak I've owned, I gotta admit I love it. It's very stable, as I built and added my own outriggers for the kayak, and I can stand up and make long casts, while standing, and it has tons of storage along with having a ridged hull compared to the plastic kayaks.

ExecMemberMike said...

Thank you @Codfthr for sharing your thoughts on the Equinox 13.4F Angler Fishing Kayak. I'm sure other people will find your review quite helpful when considering a kayak. I'm glad you're loving your kayak and that it lasts you a very long time.

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