Champion Power Equipment Hitch Mount Bike Carrier

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Mountain biking is a bit of a hobby of mine. But transporting my bike to where the trails are has always been a pain. Roof racks are great but sometimes after hours of riding, you don’t feel like lifting that bike over your head to fasten it onto the rack. And if it was an especially muddy day of riding, all that dirt will fall onto your car. I used to have a Thule bike carrier that strapped onto the back of the car but that was a hassle to put on and off. The Champion Power Equipment Bike Carrier is a good compromise. If you have a trailer hitch on your car, this is a good solution for carrying your bikes around. The CPE Bike Carrier gives you easy access to your bikes, can tilt back for easy access to the trunk of your car, and can fit up to 4 bikes. No more putting the bike inside of the car, taking up precious room. And since the cradles, that hold your bike onto the carrier, can rotate up to 90 degrees, the carrier can accommodate bikes of varying frame designs. So your bikes can stay in an upright position as you’re driving to the trails.

Champion Power Equipment Hitch Mount Bike Carrier can hold up to 4 bikes.

Here are the specs:

Champion Power Equipment Receiver Hitch Mount Bike Carrier Product Info

Costco Item#: 416555
Costco Price: $78.99 (in Canadian dollars; multiply by .78 to convert to US dollars)
Found at: Costco in Barrie, Ontario Canada (41 Mapleview Dr E)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Champion Power Equipment Bike Carrier attaches to your vehicle’s hitch mount.

You can now transport your bikes safely and conveniently with the CPE Bike Carrier.

The Champion Power Equipment Bike Carrier holds up to 4 bikes (200 lb.) and is compatible with 2 in. and 1.25 in. hitch receivers (adapter included). Including hitch pin and all mounting hardware for easy installation. Folds down for convenient access to vehicle. Cradles rotate 90 degrees to accommodate multiple styles of bike frames. Fully equipped with rubber cradles to ensure safe transportation and bike finish protection. Quick-release bike straps make loading and unloading extremely simple.

    Key Features:
  • Carries up to 4 bikes (capacity of 200 lbs)
  • Compatible with 2 in. and 1.25 in. hitch receivers (Adapter included)
  • Tilts for trunk access
  • Adjustable cradles will fit most bikes
  • Rubber cradles to protect bike finish
  • Quick-release bike straps for quick loading and unloading


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