Costco to Crack Down on Non-Members' Access to Food Court

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Part of the novelty of going to Costco is its food court. I've been known to go to Costco just for lunch because you really can't go wrong with a hot dog and soda for $1.50. I guess inflation just doesn't exist at the Costco food court because the hot dog and soda deal has been $1.50 ever since I can remember. If you have a party and need to feed all your guests without breaking the bank, you can easily get several pizzas for $10 each. You can choose from a combination, pepperoni, or cheese pizza and when they say large, they really mean large. Large pizzas everywhere else is what a medium once was.

The Costco snack bar has proven to be so popular with a wide array of menu items that it even attracts non-members. When I was in college and didn't have a Costco membership, I have been known to go to the snack bar. This was at a Costco where the snack bar was not in the main Costco area, but was located outside the area where they check your membership as you enter the warehouse. I guess Costco will now try to have the food court available only to Costco members. This is sad news for some of us Costco Weekenders who don't have a membership. Costco's policy is that if you don't have a membership, then you're nobody.

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She’s A Beauty said...

No, Costco's policy isn't that you're a "nobody", it's that you're a "non-member." If you can't pony up the $5 a month to belong to the club, stay home.

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