Current Costco Gas Prices (August 28, 2018 - Sterling, VA)

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Whether you're going to Chevron, Shell, Valero, 7-Eleven, or Costco, all gasoline is the same, so you might as well go with the best deal in town. Everyone knows that the best place to fill up your car is Costco because you can't find cheaper gas anywhere else. Costco gas will always cost less per gallon of unleaded gas than any other gas station regardless of where you live.

Here are the current gas prices at Costco.
Costco gas prices for August 28, 2018:
  • Costco Location: Sterling, VA (21398 Price Cascades Plz)
  • Regular gas: $2.56 per gallon
  • Premium gas: $2.86 per gallon

Costco gas for August 28, 2018 at Sterling, VA
Current Costco gas prices for August 28, 2018 at Sterling, VA


Melissa said...

I know I've filled my tank at Costco and found lower prices on the way home, about a half an hour's drive for me. So Costco gas is not necessarily the cheapest. But I do believe Costco gas is better than some-- my older car ran rough and misfired quite a bit until we switched to better gas (primarily Costco and Shell). According to a study by AAA that was published by Consumer Reports in August 2016, most cars would benefit from Top Tier gas and many manufacturers recommend it in their vehicles. Top Tier gas is the type sold by Costco among others. The article is here:

ExecMemberMike said...

Thank you @Melissa for the link. The article was quite interesting. I'm glad that Costco is considered a top-tier gas. Top-tier gas stations are never cheaper than Costco at least where I live here in the SF Bay Area. It's actually quite rare for me to find any gas station cheaper than Costco. I do like Costco gas and try to fill my car's gas tank there. There are some occasions though when I'm not near a Costco gas station and my car's fuel gauge is on E, I usually go with Chevron even though Chevron tends to be on the more expensive side.

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