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Tax season is upon us, and we all know that nothing is certain but death and taxes. I really hate this time of year, but TurboTax is there to make things easier with Intuit TurboTax Premier 2016 software. There was a period of a good ten years in which I used TurboTax to do my taxes. In addition to my full-time job, I bought and sold stocks, invested in mutual funds, had rental property, etc. and TurboTax was always able to handle my 1040 return. Thus far, I haven't been audited by the IRS (knock on wood). Whether your taxes are complicated with itemized deductions or just taking the standard deduction, filing your tax return doesn't have to be so bad with Intuit TurboTax Premier 2016. This software makes doing your taxes easy assuming you already have all your W2's, 1099's, receipts, and other relevant documents gathered. I believe the cost of buying this tax software is even tax deductible too. It sure is a lot cheaper than hiring an accountant.

Ensure you do your taxes correctly with TurboTax Premier 2016
Ensure you do your taxes correctly with TurboTax Premier 2016

Here are the specs:

Intuit TurboTax Premier 2016 Product Info

Costco Item#: 1092662
Costco Price: $55.49
Found at: Costco in Foster City, CA (1001 Metro Center Blvd.)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Costco 1092662 - Intuit TurboTax Premier 2016: to avoid drawing attention from the IRS
Intuit TurboTax Premier: to avoid drawing attention from the IRS

Deal for Intuit Turbo Tax Premier 2016 at Costco
Deal for Intuit Turbo Tax Premier 2016 at Costco

Intuit TurboTax Premier: Investments & Rental Property

#1 Best Selling
Federal Returns, Federal E-File, State Returns

Investments & rentals
Federal returns plus state returns
Disc or download
Imports last year's data
Live support via phone
Stocks & bonds
Mutual funds
Employee stock plans
Rental income & expenses
Plus, everything in Deluxe

    Key Features:
  • Imports last year's data from TurboTax and popular tax software brands
  • Includes: 5 Federal e-files with IRS confirmation - fastest refnd possible
  • Save time by importing financial data including W-2s, investment and mortgage information, plus import from Quicken and QuickBooks Desktop
  • Live U.S.-based TurboTax product support via phone
  • Additional help to maximize 350+ deductions and credits to make sure you get your biggest refund
  • Includes: 1 State product via download (print free or e-file for $19.99 each)
  • Audit Risk meter helps you reduce the chance of an audit
  • ItsDeductible helps you accurately value and import donated items
  • Additional Help: for investment sales such as stocks, bonds, royalties, mutual funds and employee stock plans
  • Extra guidance for rental property income, expenses and refinancing
  • Includes: expert answers from CPAs and EAs via phone ($19.99 value)
  • Retirement tax help and IRA tool show you how to get more money back this year and when you retire
  • New: understand your tax history and maximize next year's refund with My Analysis & Advice


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