Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection (box of 4)

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I like a glass of wine with my dinner. It helps me wind down after a long day of work. Although I'm no wine sommelier, I do know enough to stay away from the 2 Buck Chucks of the wine world. But other than that, you wouldn't mistake me for a wine connoisseur. Costco usually has good deals on high-end wines which they are distributed under the Kirkland label whenever a vinter has a surplus. That and Costco even has the Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection where you can sample 4 imported wines from the Bordeaux region of France without having to spend an exorbitant amount just for some wine. We all know that France is known for their wines, so this is your chance to taste some of those fine wines without having to travel half way across the world. This 4-bottle Bordeaux Wine Gift Set is great as a gift for a fellow wine lover or just for yourself to add to your wine collection and to save for wine tastings and get-togethers. It's a nice change of pace from the Napa wines that I tend to drink frequently living here in the San Francisco Bay Area. You won't be disappointed in the Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection which features 4 French bottles of wine each good enough to drink for yourself and/or bring to a dinner party and impress your friends.

Enjoy 4 wines in 1 set with the Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection
Enjoy 4 wines in 1 set with the Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection

Here are the specs:

Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection (4 bottles) Product Info

Costco Item#: 825121
Costco Price: $29.99
Found at: Costco in Redwood City, CA (2300 Middlefield Rd.)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Costco 825121 - Drink a glass of vino from the Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection
Drink a glass of vino from the Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection

Grands Vins de Bordeaux 4 bottle gift set - great for any wine lover
Grands Vins de Bordeaux 4 bottle gift set - great for any wine lover

Deal for the 4-bottle Bordeaux Wine Gift Set at Costco
Deal for the 4-bottle Bordeaux Wine Gift Set at Costco

Grands Vins de Bordeaux 4 bottle gift set

La Valette - 2015
The bouquet of this brilliant deep purple wine displays cassis, a hint of oak and coca aromas. It charms the palate thanks to its soft tannins, bright fruit notes and full-body. The balanced blend gives an elegant and plush finish.

Marquis de Talandier - 2014
An intense purple-red color, this wine offers gourmet notes of blackberry and cherry with subtle hints of fresh oak. Full-bodied and dense, it shows a perfect balance of soft tannins and fresh fruit. The finish lingers with spice and oak notes.

Chateau Haut Sociondo - 2015
Deep garnet color with purple reflection, this wine's bouquet features red berry notes, opulent volume and depth along with soft tannins on the palate. It provides an elegant sweetness and a pleasant long finish.

Seigneur de la Tour
Beautiful dark purple color, this wine exudes hints of fruit, spice and oak. With seductive and mature tannins it is full-bodied displaying gorgeous richness. This wine is superior example of harmony, with a fresh and savory finish.

    Key Features:
  • 2014 Marquis de Talandier
  • 2015 La Valette
  • 2015 Chateau Haut Sociondo
  • 2015 Seigneur de la Tour
  • $7.498 per bottle
  • Box of 4 750mL bottles


Rick said...

This is the third year that Costco has offered these 4-bottle boxes of Wines from Bordeuax. The first year all four wines were quite respectable small growth chateau bottled wines. Very enjoyable and an incredible bargain. The second year three of the four were decent chateau wines. This year only one. The other three are bogus wine thrown together in the cellars of a distributor. This is not uncommon in Burgundy where merchants actually own vineyards, but not in Bordeaux. These wines are bottled too young and not by the growers. They are poor quality and not representative of Bordeaux wines or even good French wine. I suspect M. Robin was driven to this stratagem by the fact that there has not been a really good vintage in Bordeaux since 2012 when the wines in last year's Costco box were produced.

ExecMemberMike said...

Hello @Rick, thank you for weighing in on the Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection box set. It's good to hear from someone who actually knows a lot about wine. It's a shame that the quality of wine in this box set has declined in the past couple of years. Hopefully, things will change and Costco will choose good quality wines for next year's Bordeuax batch.

Anonymous said...

I just bought the set so disappointed to hear your review! Darn.... Which one of the four is the decent one? Thanks!

ExecMemberMike said...

Hi @Anonymous, you shouldn't feel too disappointed in this year's Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection box set. Part of the fun is figuring out which bottle of wine is good and which isn't. Who knows...perhaps you may actually like all four bottles in this set at Costco since everyone's taste in wine differs.

USA1776 said...
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Anonymous said...

He mean Chateau Haut Sociondo - 2015. But I would recommend you guys stop worrying and enjoy. So far tried Marquis De Talandier one and it was pretty good considering price.

ExecMemberMike said...

Ya I totally agree, @Anonymous, in regards to just enjoying it. If you don't like the wines in the Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection from Costco, then it's no big deal since it's not that expensive. And if you do like it, then great. You were able to find some good yet inexpensive wine. It's not uncommon to find decent bottles of wine out there for less than $10.

Jennifer McLelland said...

Yeah, whether a wine is good is very subjective. Who cares if someone thinks it's not good. $28.99 for 4 bottles, what do you expect? As long as it doesn't taste totally flat it's fine. Explore and find what you like and what price range you're comfortable with.

ExecMemberMike said...

Yes, you're absolutely right @Jennifer. Most people aren't wine experts or anything, and a decent bottle of wine doesn't have to be expensive for it to taste good. Most of the bottles of wine that I buy are no more than $20 (cheaper if I get it at Costco), and they're definitely good enough.

The Doggy Ritz said...

I also purchased the 4 pack at Costco. 2014-15 wines. Would the Bordeaux wines age if I cellared them for 10 years?

ExecMemberMike said...

Hello @The_Doggy_Ritz, I'm not sure if the wines from this Grand Vins de Bordeaux Gift Set will age properly. I remember a coworker of mine who knows a lot about wine was telling me that some wines were meant to be drank young; otherwise, they'll just turn into vinegar no matter how long you age them on their sides. I don't know if this applies to these Bordeaux wines though. What you can do is to get this set and try it first. If it's good and worth aging in the cellar, then go for it. Even if they don't age well after 10 years, you're only going to be out $30 which really isn't a huge loss. I hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Rick sounds like an asshole

Unknown said...

What's wrong with you? Personal attack remarks are the domain of people with too much time on their hands and too little intelligence between their ears.

Seattle said...

Thanks for taking the time to write a helpful and articulate review.

Anonymous said...

2014 and 2015 vintages from Bordeaux are supposed to be pretty good years, overall, especially for the 2015 right bank.

ExecMemberMike said...

Hello @Anonymous, ya it'd be great if 2014 and 2015 are indeed good years for the Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection.

Anonymous said...

Just open wkne for the new year and it was not a hit for my guest very disappointed

ExecMemberMike said...

Hi @Anonymous, sorry to hear that the Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection did not live up to expectations. Hopefully, you and your guests did not let the wine put a damper on your evening and you were still able to ring in the New Year with a bang.

Maryann Koliopoulos said...

Did this set come with wine glasses too?

ExecMemberMike said...

Hello @Maryann, unfortunately the Grands Vins de Bordeaux 4 bottle gift set does not include wine glasses. It would be great if it did though.

Anonymous said...

I received this gift set for Christmas and really, really enjoyed the La Valette Cotes De Bordeaux the most. I'm not an expert at wine, but I know what it means to drink the smoothest red wine, which I think you'll agree.
Katherine Oholendt

ExecMemberMike said...

Hi @Katherine, thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding the Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection. I'm glad that you found a winner in the La Valette Cotes De Bordeaux. Like yourself, I'm not a wine expert, but I do like red wine. Some red wines have a certain "bite" to it that doesn't really appeal to me, so it's good that you find the La Valette to be smooth and easy to drink.

Anonymous said...

I am drinking the Marquis de Talandier tonight and disappointed. I agree with Rick that the quality of the wines in this boxed set has declined (as has the packaging) over the years. Especially disappointing since our local Costco just reduced the price to $19.97. Had these been the quality wines of previous years, I would have bought the entire pallet!

ExecMemberMike said...

Hello @Anonymous, that's too bad that the Marquis de Talandier from the Grands Vins de Bordeaux Wine Collection wasn't all that great for you. We'll see how next year's Bordeaux wines turns out and let's hope the quality improves the next time around.

Anonymous said...

I just went to Bordeaux over the holidays, spent a day with an expert learning about the region and wines. The big thing we learned was Bordeaux wines should/can age in the bottle 5-10 years. Put them in your cellar let them age.

ExecMemberMike said...

Hello @Anonymous, that's great that you were able to visit the Bordeaux region of France over the holidays. I'm so envious, but thanks for the tip in regards to aging them. This will come in handy for those who enjoyed the Grands Vins de Bordeaux 4 bottle gift set from Costco and want to make it even taste better.

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