Heritage Metal Ammo Cans (2 pack)

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If you're into shooting guns, then consider the Heritage Security Products Metal Ammo Cans. The Heritage Metal Ammo Cans give you a place to safely store your bullets either for safe-keeping, storage, or transport. It comes in a 2 pack: a 30 caliber size ammo box and also a 50 caliber size ammo box. These ammo boxes are stackable, so you can save space when putting them away. That and they feature a latch that seals the ammo boxes shut and a handle making it easy to carry around whether you're going to the firing range or just out in the middle of no where to do some serious shooting out in the open. These ammo boxes make a practical item to have to go along with your arsenal and would be great for any gun enthusiast. You no longer have to go to a military surplus store to get ammo cans when you can just go to Costco. It's the perfect item for the gun lover in your life.

Heritage Metal Ammo Cans comes in 2 sizes: 30 and 50 caliber
Heritage Security Products Metal Ammo Cans comes in 2 sizes: 30 and 50 caliber

Here are the specs:

Heritage Metal Ammo Cans (2 pack) Product Info

Costco Item#: 731258
Costco Price: $19.99
Found at: Costco in Foster City, CA (1001 Metro Center Blvd.)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Costco 731258 - Deal for a 2 pack of Heritage Security Products Metal Ammo Cans at Costco
Deal for a 2 pack of Heritage Metal Ammo Cans at Costco

Heritage Security Products Metal Ammo Box

    Key Features:
  • 30/50 caliber metal ammo cans
  • 30 caliber ammo box: 7" x 3-3/4" x 10-7/8"
  • 50 caliber ammo box: 7-1/2" x 6-1/8" x 11-7/8"
  • All steel construction
  • Classic military styling
  • Gasket - sealed lid with heavy duty latch
  • Dry storage
  • Stackable design
  • 9.4 lbs


Unknown said...

Be advised to check the ammo cans for stacking ability before you purchase them if that is a characteristic you desire. I purchased 5 of these 50/30 double set cans and they worked fine, HOWEVER, I purchased two more sets from a second lot of cans, and they were CRAP! The slot stamp on the bottom of both cans is too shallow to allow the handle of a can stacked beneath it to seat properly. There is about a 1/4" of wobble on the empty cans so any additional ammo weight in the cans would make them highly unstable.

ExecMemberMike said...

Hello @Unknown, thanks for the tip regarding whether these Heritage Metal Ammo boxes (or any ammo box for that matter) can be stacked or not. That's definitely something to consider if someone were in the market for one of these. A lot of times, people would overlook that feature in regards to ammo boxes.

Just a comment said...

@ExecMemberMike Sorry, most people who purchase an ammo can, for ammo storage, would most definitely want them to stack. Out of the 20,000+ ammo cans I sold this year (and the year before), 99.9% of people ask "will these stack". Try dropping a 7x6x11" package that weighs 40 lbs on your foot and you will understand very quickly.

Good luck.

ExecMemberMike said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with ammo boxes @Just_a_comment. Hopefully these Heritage Metal Ammo boxes from Costco can be stacked.

Unknown said...

I just checked another pallet of Heritage Security Products 50/30 combo ammo cans today at the Savi Ranch, CA Costco, and they still have a shallow stamp on the bottom of the cans which prohibits secure stacking of the cans. Don't you just hate it when a manufacturer ships defective products to a box store for the mass sale of poorly manufactured products. I also tried to write to Heritage Security Products, but was unable to locate a website, which usually means it is an off-shore (i.e. China) location.

ExecMemberMike said...

Hi @kind_heart, that's a bummer that the Heritage Security Products Metal Ammo Boxes that you saw at your Costco don't stack. Ya, it definitely sucks when manufacturers cut costs and go cheap only to make it an inferior product. I wouldn't be surprised if Heritage Security made their products in another country like China since pretty much everything is made overseas.

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