Current Costco Coupon Book (May 2016)

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Costco has just released its current coupon book for May 2016, so that you can save more in addition to the already amazing deals that Costco has. The Costco coupon book tells you the latest products and deals that can earn you additional savings when you shop at Costco with these coupons. Take advantage of these warehouse coupon offers on Costco's vast selection and deals on electronics, food, Kirkland products and other daily, household items. Save over $500 with the Costco coupons from the May 2016 Costco coupon book.

Current Costco Coupon May 2016
Download and view the May 2016 Costco coupon book for extra savings on amazing deals at Costco

Costco coupons for May 2016:

The Costco coupons are valid from May 5, 2016 to May 29, 2016.
Download the May 2016 Coupon Book to view deals and coupons (available in pdf format and is downloadable and printable) or view below and click on the images to zoom in.


Anonymous said...

Great find...I was delighted to see Costco carrying the Penny Long Board for $79.00. This is a major deal. Penny is selling the Long Board for $99.00 originally $159.99. It is all over the web for $160.00. I purchased Penny Nickel boards several years back for a similarly great price. My kids were the envy of the neighborhood that Christmas. Take advantage an spread the word...COSTCO Rocks!!!

ExecMemberMike said...

Hello @Anonymous, yes the Penny Skateboards Complete Longboard (which I did see at Costco) is really a good deal at Costco just like a lot of other items found there. I'm glad your kids are totally enjoying it. It sounds like they're making good use of it!

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