Ortega Que Bueno Nacho Cheese Sauce

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One thing that I love getting at Costco is nacho cheese. Why? Because Costco has the bestest nacho cheese which happens to be Ortega Que Bueno Nacho Cheese Sauce which you can't really find anywhere else other than buying it online. This stuff is way better than the Tostitos brand nacho cheese you'd find at the grocery store. My only issue is that it comes in a rather large can (106 ounces!), but this does come in handy when you have parties and fiestas. You and your guests can use it as a condiment for hot dogs, a topping for tortilla chips to customize your own nachos, or even a dipping sauce. Que Bueno nacho cheese is what sustained me throughout college and restaurants that serve nachos usually use this brand in the kitchen. It just goes to show that Que Bueno is muy bueno!

Ortega Que Bueno Nacho Cheese Sauce: great as a condiment or topping
Ortega Que Bueno Nacho Cheese Sauce: great as a condiment or topping

Here are the specs:

Ortega Que Bueno Nacho Cheese Sauce Product Info

Costco Item#: 2304
Costco Price: $10.69
Found at: Costco in Foster Ciy, CA (1001 Metro Center Boulevard)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Liven up any fiesta with Ortega Que Bueno Nacho Cheese
Liven up any fiesta with Ortega Que Bueno Nacho Cheese

Deal for 106 oz can of Que Bueno Nacho Cheese at Costco
Deal for 106 oz can of Que Bueno Nacho Cheese at Costco

The #1 name in cheese sauce.

    Key Features:
  • .101 per ounce
  • 106 ounce can


Martin said...

Please bring Que Bueno back to Minnesota! It is impossible to find out here!

ExecMemberMike said...

Hi @Unknown, I literally cracked up when I read your comment! Although Que Bueno Nacho Cheese is readily available here in CA, I understand your frustration since I really do believe that Que Bueno is the best tasting nacho cheese out on the market. It's just unfortunate that they aren't available in a smaller can. I hope that the Costcos in Minnesota will start carrying it again, and if they do, you better stock up on it.

Unknown said...

Hello, I'm looking for Que Bueno .
You wrote that it's available in California, I'd like to know where ?
I am down to my last can of Que Bueno and YES it it's the best nacho
sauce around. I've tried many others at food places, and they have never
come close to what I've had at home.
So where can I get it ? Your last post is on Oct.9, 2015 , and I can't seem to find it anywhere.
D. H.

ExecMemberMike said...

Hi @D.H., I saw Que Bueno nacho cheese at the Costco in Foster City, CA. However, I don't seem to have a problem finding Que Bueno at any of the other nearby Costcos I visit (Redwood City, South San Francisco, etc.). Unlike some products Costco has in which they only carry it for a limited time or during a particular season, Que Bueno seems to be readily available all year round here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Unknown said...

This is Nestle's Que Bueno, not Ortega. Hard to find Ortega

ExecMemberMike said...

Hi @Unknown, thanks for clarifying the company that makes Que Bueno nacho cheese. I wonder why Costco listed Ortega instead of Nestle.

Thebern said...

Que Bueno does come in a large can but you can freeze it in smaller container. We do that all the time and it heats up very well and is still smooth and creamy when heated up. Some cheese when frozen gets crumbly but not Que Bueno.

ExecMemberMike said...

Hello @Thebern, ya that's definitely a good idea to freeze the excess cheese from the large Que Bueno can which I have done since the quantity is so much. And I'll say this that once reheated after being frozen, the cheese still tastes very good as if you just opened up a brand new can of Que Bueno. There's definitely no significant drop in quality of the cheese even after it's been frozen.

Unknown said...

Please bring this item back to spokane wa. Its triple the price online. Best cheese sauce we love it so much. Thanks

ExecMemberMike said...

Yes, I would have to agree with you, @Unknown. Que Bueno Nacho Cheese is definitely the best nacho cheese. Last week, I actually made my own nacho cheese sauce after watching a YouTube video. It was quite easy to make and tasted good, but the problem wasn't as smooth especially when it was no longer hot. It tended to curdle. I hate to admit, but that's the advantage of the fake cheese from a can. They don't coagulate like the real cheese.

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