Smithsonian Education Rug (Assorted Images)

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If you have kids, then I’m sure you’ve looked into making playtime educational as well as fun. The Smithsonian Education Rug at Costco helps in getting your kid started on the right foot. With the assorted images available, the Smithsonian Education Rug can help kids be exposed to ABCs and numbers. I’ve also seen rugs with the world map and American landmarks printed on them. So the variety helps in catering your kid’s play area just the way you want it. So playtime doesn’t have to be all fun and games, they can actually learn something too with the Smithsonian Education Rug. The Smithsonian Rug comes in ABC's, 123's, Space, World map, and United States map with corresponding national landmarks. It's just unfortunate that there's no dinosaur one since my son is into dinosaurs (stegosaurus is his favorite). It's the perfect decor for any child's room since it makes for a large surface or mat for your kids to play on particularly if you have hardwood floors.

Smithsonian Education Rug with an assortment of prints
Smithsonian Education Rug with an assortment of prints

Here are the specs:

Smithsonian Education Rug Product Info

Costco Item#: 862639
Costco Price: $15.99
Found at: Costco in Foster City, CA (1001 Metro Center Blvd)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Learn and have fun at the same time with the Smithsonian Education Rug
Learn and have fun at the same time with the Smithsonian Education Rug

Deal for the Smithsonian Education Rug at Costco
Deal for the Smithsonian Education Rug at Costco

Smithsonian Education Rug: A Portion of the proceeds from your purchase supports the educational mission of the Smithsonian - "The increase and diffusion of knowledge."

    Key Features:
  • Dimensions: 46” x 52”
  • Skid resistant backing
  • Assorted images available: ABC's, 123's, Space, World Map, United States Map
  • Great for classrooms, play rooms, and bedrooms
  • Easy Care and Durable


Unknown said...

I'm a teacher and would LOVE the USA map rug for my classroom! Unfortunately, my Costco is sold out and this size isn't available online. Is there a way for me to get it?

ExecMemberMike said...

Hello @Betsy, unfortunately I saw the Smithsonian Education Rug about a year ago and haven't seen it since. That's the thing with Costco. They're constantly changing the products they have and once they remove it from shelves, then you're out of luck until they bring it back again. Ya I know Costco's website isn't very reliable when it comes to their own products. But don't give up just yet. If you can't find it or something similar online, definitely keep an eye out for it at your local Costco. Hopefully, they'll make an appearance again sooner rather than later. If you do find one for your classroom, I hope the kids will enjoy playing and learning from it!

Amanda L said...

Betsy Weis- they are back in stock now

ExecMemberMike said...

Thanks for the heads up @Amanda! I'm glad that the Smithsonian Education Rugs are back in Costco. Just in time for back to school season too!

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