Panasonic KX-TG454 Bluetooth Handset Phones

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It seems like everyone has a smartphone nowadays that most households don't bother even getting a regular lan line. This definitely isn't uncommon. For those of you who do still prefer to have a lan line for your home, then the Panasonic KX-TG454 Bluetooth Handset Phones is what you need. It comes in a bundle of 4 phones, but the beauty of it is that you can use them in place of your smartphone via its Bluetooth technology. Yes, you can link your cell phone to these phones. That way you can save your cell phone's battery since you pretty much have to charge your iPhone every day or else it'll die. If you're like me, I prefer to have a "bigger" phone when I'm at home. This allows me to walk around with the phone wedged in between the top of my shoulder and my ear as I'm doing other things around the house - you can't really do that with one of them slim smartphones. Ya, you can have a headset, but I'm a bit old-fashioned. We didn't have headsets for phones when I was growing up. This was back when a phone was just a phone before it became a mini computer. The Panasonic KX-TG454 phones even have a silent mode which is useful if you don't want to be bothered after a certain hour in the evening. Most of the time, those calls can wait until the next morning.

Panasonic KX-TG454 Bluetooth Handset Phones features cellphone linking via Bluetooth
Panasonic KX-TG454 comes with 4 handset phones

Here are the specs:

Panasonic KX-TG454 Bluetooth Handset Phones Product Info

Costco Item#: 990454
Costco Price: $99.99 - $20 (mfr's Instant Rebate expires 05/30/15) = $79.99
Found at: Costco in Alhambra, CA (2207 W Commonwealth Ave.)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Deal for the Panasonic KX-TG454 Bluetooth Handset Phones at Costco
Deal for the Panasonic KX-TG454 Bluetooth handset phones at Costco

Great Sound, Clear Conversation

    Key Features:
  • Link-to-Cell Bluetooth Convergence Solution
  • Easy to Use (Big Button, Side Volume Key)
  • Call Block up to 250 Unwanted Numbers
  • Talking Text Sender Alert
  • Silent Mode (Night Mode)
  • Cell and Handset Locator Buttons on Base Unit


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