Sony MDR-RF985RK Wireless Headphones

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Enjoy music like never before with the Sony MDR-RF985RK Wireless Headphones. Sony has always been the premier brand name in stereo equipment and the MDR-RF985RK has no problem producing pure sound from your favorite jams. The wireless technology allow you to move around and even break out those slick dance moves to those beats. You don't even have to be relatively close to the device that's playing the music since these wireless headphones have a 150 foot range. That's definitely plenty of leeway to listen to music and freedom to move around. Because you could be far, the headphones have a volume control, so that you can adjust the volume without having to go back to your music device. That's pretty cool whether you're a professional DJ or just enjoy listening to music. If this interests you, then you may even want to take a look at the Bose headphones as well.

Listen to your favorite songs with the Sony MDR-RF985RK Wireless Headphones
The Sony MDR-RF985RK Wireless Headphones allow you to move around and not be restricted to a small area.

Here are the specs:

Sony MDR-RF985RK Wireless Headphones Product Info

Costco Item#: 714888
Costco Price: $77.99 (in Canadian dollars; multiply by .78 to convert to US dollars)
Found at: Costco in Barrie, Ontario Canada (41 Mapleview Dr E)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Sony MDR-RF985RK headphones feature wireless technology
Listen to your favorite tunes with the Sony MDR-RF985RK Wireless Headphones

Deal for the Sony MDR-RF985RK Wireless Headphones at Costco
Deal for the Sony MDR-RF985RK Wireless Headphones at Costco

Sony MDR-RF985RK Wireless Headphones

    Key Features:
  • RF Wireless Headphones
  • Fast recharging function with secure charging mechanism
  • RF transmission up to 45 meters (150 feet) reception range*
  • Wireless system that allows you to listen to a program free from the restriction of a cord.
  • Easy connection to TV and Hi-Fi Audio system component
  • Noise reduction system to reproduce a clear sound with minimum transmission noise
  • Automatic tuning on headphones for optimum signal reception
  • 3 transmission channels available
  • Long playback time (approximately 25 hours)
  • High fidelity sound reproduction
  • Volume control function on the headphones
  • Includes headphones, transmitter, AC adapter, connecting cables

* Transmission distance varies depending on conditions of use


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