Sleepcell Coolvent Premium Sleeping Bag

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Camping season is only a couple of months away, so it might be a good idea to be prepared and make sure you have everything you need to spend a few days living in the outdoors. You'll definitely need a good sleeping bag. Costco has the Sleepcell Coolvent Premium Sleeping Bag which is the ideal sleeping bag for when you go camping. The Climate Control System allows you to adjust the temperature: the mummy style design keeps heat around your core body while the vents allow air to circulate if you need to cool things down. Also, the sleeping bag is made of moisture wicking material which comes in handy when you're camping in a very humid region. This sleeping bag may not be enough if you plan on summiting Mount Everest, but it's good enough when you decide to go camping during the summer or when you go car camping (it's actually good to as low as 25 degree Fahrenheit temperatures). So for the most part, you don't necessarily need a high-end Columbia, North Face, or Mountain Hardware sleeping bag. It's also a great sleeping bag to keep in the trunk of your car for emergencies since it rolls up to a very small and compact size unlike those old sleeping bags from the 80s that were so bulky. This sleeping bag is quite inexpensive for a piece of equipment that is practical and good quality whether you're into camping or just need a sleeping bag for emergency use.

Sleepcell Coolvent Premium Sleeping Bag for camping
Sleepcell Coolvent Premium Sleeping Bag - a necessity for camping along a lake, beach, mountains, or woods.

Here are the specs:

Sleepcell Coolvent Premium Sleeping Bag Product Info

Costco Item#: 482370
Costco Price: $39.99
Found at: Costco in South San Francisco, CA (451 S Airport Blvd)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Temperature and Climate control with the Sleepcell Coolvent Premium Sleeping Bag
The Sleepcell Coolvent Premium Sleeping Bag's Climate Control technology is great for both warm or cool temperatures.

Small and Compact Sleepcell Coolvent Premium Sleeping Bag
The Sleepcell Coolvent Premium Sleeping Bag can be rolled up to a small size to be stuffed in a car trunk, closet, or a duffle bag.

Control the inner temperature with the simple glide of a zip which creates a cool airflow in hot and humid conditions. With a comfort foam pillow liner and soft-to-the-touch brushed poly cover. Keeps you dry, warm, and comfortable. A durable, easy care outer fabric.

    Key Features:
  • Poly 300D PU coat Bottom
  • 3 pounds of Polyester Fill
  • 25 Degree Bag
  • Removeable Air Pillow
  • Coolvent Circulation
  • 3 Vents
  • Total weight: 5.85 lb (2.65 kg)
  • Moisture wicking liner
  • Climate Control System
  • Poly Ripstop Shell


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