LG 55UB8200 55" LED LCD HDTV

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If you're looking to get a decent size tv either for a common area or a bedroom, then you won't be disappointed with the LG 55UB8200 55" HDTV. When it comes to tvs, LG is one of the brands that you know will deliver clear and sharp picture. Even if you already have a relatively new flat screen tv that was purchased just a few years ago, the LG 55UB8200 will still be a big improvement in picture quality. Technology in televisions just moves so quickly that you can always upgrade your tv without it costing you too much. You'll see the improvement in picture when you watch your favorite shows, movies, and especially live sporting events.

LG 55UB8200 55 inch Smart HDTV for clearer, sharp picture
LG 55UB8200 55" HDTV for a better and clearer picture

Here are the specs:

LG 55UB8200 55 inch UHD 4K Smart LED TV Product Info

Costco Item#: 998355
Costco Price: $1388.99 (in Canadian dollars; multiply by .78 to convert to US dollars)
Found at: Costco in Barrie, Ontario Canada (41 Mapleview Dr E)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

LG 55UB8200 55in for your home or room
LG 55UB8200 55in ultra hdtv for your home viewing

Upgrade your tv with the LG 55UB8200 55 inch LED LCD HDTV
Upgrade your current tv with the LG 55UB8200 55 inch tv

The LG ULTRA HD 4K UB8200 shows stunning 4K resolution that’s 4 times the resolution of Full HD. LG’S IPS panel puts brilliance on display with the widest 4K viewing angle. Both Full HD and 4K content is available through our Smart TV with streaming partners such as Netflix; plus, our Tru-4K Engine upscales all content to near 4K quality so no matter what you watch, it will look better on our UHD TV. And with the HEVC Decoder, the UB8200 is ready to play next generation content with the recently developed HEVC compression format. With UCI 1080 you get stunningly clear fast moving images, which is great for action movies, sports and games.

    Key Features:
  • 54.6 inch diagonal
  • 4K Resolution
  • Premium 4K Resolution Content
  • IPS 4K Panel
  • Tru-4K Engine
  • HEVC Decoder
  • Smart Share
  • UCI 1080


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