Current Costco Gas Prices (March 14, 2015 - Redwood City, CA)

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This was supposed to be posted yesterday since these are yesterday's gas prices, but I didn't get a chance to post them. Whether you're going to Chevron, Shell, Valero, 7-Eleven, or Costco, all gasoline is the same, so you might as well go with the best deal in town. Everyone knows that the best place to fill up your car is Costco because you can't find cheaper gas anywhere else. Costco gas will always cost less per gallon of unleaded gas than any other gas station regardless of where you live.

Here's are the gas prices for Pi Day today (3.1415 or 03/14/15).
Costco gas prices for Mar. 14, 2015:
  • Costco Location: Redwood City, CA (2300 Middlefield Rd.)
  • Regular gas: $3.16 per gallon
  • Premium gas: $3.39 per gallon

Costco gas for Mar. 14, 2015 at Redwood City, CA
Current Costco gas prices for Mar. 14, 2015 at Redwood City, CA


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