Cinemark Theaters Movie Tickets (qty 2)

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The Cinemark supersaver discount movie tickets make a fantastic present and it can be used at any Cinemark, Century Theaters, CineArts, Tinseltown, or Rave Cinemas. I don't usually give a lot of these as presents so I buy a couple at a time for my own personal use. It's always good to have around since we like going to the movies every so often. Everyone enjoys going to the movies so why not save a couple of dollars while you're at it. Costco's price is such a great value at $8.50 per ticket, although you have to purchase in pairs at $16.99 per pair. It beats paying $11.50 for the adult price at the movie theater or Fandango (which usually charges an additional fee). The only time it doesn't make sense to use these tickets is for Early Bird Access, which is the first matinee screening of the day or when paying for a child's ticket. This is especially useful when you decide to take your family to go see, say, the Hunger Games movies or the upcoming Star Wars movie (Episode 7: The Force Awakens). When I have to pay for everyone's ticket plus drinks and snacks (you can't pass up movie theater popcorn), it quickly adds up, so this gives me a chance to save where I can when going to the movies.

Go to the movies and save when you buy 2 Cinemark Movie Tickets at Costco
Enjoy a night at the movies with 2 single movie tickets to Cinemark Theaters for $16.99

Here are the specs:

Cinemark Theaters 2 Single Movie Tickets Product Info

Costco Item#: 217253
Costco Price: $16.99
Found at: Costco in Hayward, CA (28505 Hesperian Blvd)
(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Deal for 2 Cinemark Movie Tickets at Costco
Deal for 2 Cinemark Movie Tickets at Costco

Tickets must be redeemed at box office. No expiration. Valid for any movie, any time. Each ticket is valid for one box office admission. Additional premiums may be applied for specifically priced films and/or events which are priced higher than normal box office ticket pricing. May be redeemed at any participating Cinemark Theatre nationwide. Present at box office. This ticket is non-refundable. Not redeemable or exchangeable for cash.

    Key Features:
  • Redeem at box office
  • Surcharges may apply
  • No expiration


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